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     WOW what a GREAT conference! 

    A few comments from attendees: "Excellent", "Best sessions I have ever attended", "I wasn't prepared for how much I would get out of the sessions I took", "I didn't think the interactive game session would be all that great, but I was pleasantly surprised - it was fantastic".

    It wouldn't have happened without our outstanding Board - they are the reason that this year's conference was, once again, excellent. (Believe it or not, we will begin brainstorming for the next conference at our board meeting on Sept. 6th.)

    Don't forget the wonderful presenters, sponsors and exhibitors, either. Without them, the conference would not have been possible.

     And we cannot forget to thank Grace University once again for so generously offering their facilities - handy to downtown, fabulous food, flexibility. THANK YOU GRACE!

    We are accepting nominations for new Board members. Click on the links below for more information and a nomination form:

    2014 NATI Board nominations form.doc


    NATI offers a special thanks to our sponsors:


    (Titanium Sponsor $5000)

    ALEGENT CREIGHTON HEALTH ( Gold Sponsor $1000)





    Keep checking out the website. we will have photos and videos up very soon.



    It is with great pride (and some trepidation) that I address you as the new President of NATI.  It has been extremely rewarding to be part of this Association's work on behalf of translators and interpreters in the Midwest. It is also rather amazing to consider how much information this Association disseminates, how many useful and sometimes life-changing contacts are made, and how many people are trained and educated through associating with NATI. I am pleased and honored to be a part of it all.

    Now in our 15th year of existence, it looks like another exciting year is on the horizon, and your NATI Board is busy making plans of all kinds. A few examples:

    The upcoming NATI 2014 conference is well under way as I write this. Mark your calendars for August 7-9, 2014 and keep checking the website for updates. 

    We are committed to making this website interactive and keeping it constantly updated so that you will all check the website regularly. Please pass along items of interest that may assist the Translation & Interpretation community. Also in the works are new postings about special interest items, interviews, feature members and more. 

    A personal goal of mine as President is to foster regular participation from among the general membership. When everyone participates in some way in NATI's various activities, we all win. We welcome your ideas and suggestions for improvement; even more, we invite you to volunteer your expertise, time and effort. Please contact any Board member, and we will make every effort to find a way for you to contribute. 

    Finally, another goal of mine is to begin offering training on a more consistent basis, and to offer it in various areas of the state throughout the year. Lunch & learns, online training and podcasts, mini conferences are all considerations. 

    Be sure to check out other training and conference venues - look under Professional Development Events in the Menu.

    Thank you for being part of this wonderful Association. I look forward to serving you all in the coming years.


    Marsha Conroy






    Sheryl Connolly | Nebraska Supreme Court Trial Court Services
    Nebraska State Court Administrator’s Office | State Capitol | Lincoln, NE 68509
    T 402.471.2671 | F 402.471.2197 | |

    Sheryl Connolly | Nebraska Supreme Court Trial Court Services
    Nebraska State Court Administrator’s Office | State Capitol | Lincoln, NE 68509
    T 402.471.2671 | F 402.471.2197 | |

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